About Us

The Orlando Chess Club & Development Center is an educational organization designed to change lives through the promotion, teaching, and competition of chess.

Orlando is a rich community that we are trying to enrich even more by adding a chess club that will help develop the next generation of bright players while providing a sanctuary for adult players as well.


2018 Orlando Chess Club
Board of Directors

Terrance Washington - President

Aaron Hawkins - Chairperson

Arnold Banner - Board Member

Alex Gurtis - Board Member

Matthew Kolcz - Board Member

Joyce Morales - Board Member

Club President Bio

Terrance Washington: a bulldog for chess!

Terrance Washington: a bulldog for chess!

“Chess is a tool for life. It has enhanced my patience, critical thinking, creativity, and a multitude of other attributes. Chess has made me a better person. Now it’s time to give back.”

Terrance learned to play chess in the 7th grade. After almost 20 years, it has been a constant force in his life. After years as a tournament chess player, he felt the void of a central chess club in the Orlando area. Terrance decided to set up a corporation “to change lives through the promotion, teaching, and competition of chess.”

Having resided in Upstate New York until 2001 and then in Central Florida from 2001-present, Terrance has seen the span of chess across regions, age groups, genders, and races.  He truly believes it is a force for good.

Terrance was formally educated at the University of Central Florida where he received his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. He plans to use his knowledge of chess and psychology to enhance the lives of youth and adults alike in the Orlando area.

As the President, Terrance runs the day-to-day operations of the club under the supervision of the Board of Directors and can be reached at any time on his cell phone 407-721-4262.