Monday Mayhem - The Birth of a Club Champion


Monday Mayhem

The Birth of Club Champion

by Alex Gurtis

On Monday, the final duel of the inaugural Club Champion took place between Sammy Wohl and Phillip Durand. Durand knew he had to win to force a tiebreaker against Sean Northrup. So it was clear no quarter could be given. With an English Opening: Two Knights Variation quickly morphing into an Old Indian Defense, Ukraine:Two Knights Variation opening on the board, Wohl was finding himself rapidly outmaneuvered. However, Wohl refused to back down and continued to put a fierce defense. Ultimately, neither side could find the solution to their problems, each backing into an unenviable corner. Disappointed but unable to find a way out, Durand took the draw and the Orlando Chess Club (OCC) promptly crowned Sean Northrup, OCC's 1st Club Champion.

Tonight Could Decide the Club Championship


Wohl vs. Durand

Tonight Could Decide Who Becomes the Orlando Chess Club’s First Club Champion!

Tonight, the Cub Championship comes to a head as Sammy Wohl and Phillip Durand engage in what very well could be the final duel of the tournament. Durand is currently one point behind Sean Northrup. So, a win would force a tiebreaker between the two. However, should Wohl come out on top or force a draw Northrup will be declared OCC’s first Club Champion. Durand, rated 1923, is currently favored to beat Wohl, a robust 1679.

Supporting Our Schools: King and Queen Checkmate

Thank you to all of our Central Florida schools! Especially Orange County that has been so open to our ideas!

Specifically, thanks to Beth Gillam & Danny Martinez from the Minority Achievement Office in Orange County, thank you to Nancy Charles of Lake Silver Elementary, thank you to Gregory Ullman of John Young Elementary and thank you to Javier Ortega of Ventura Elementary.

Also, thank you to the wonderfully engaged parent Richard Solik who has a child at Blanker!

RECAP - As the dust settles Orlando’s First Super Quad Champion is born


By Alex Gurtis

Last week, after an intense battle royal between some the area’s best players, National Master (NM) Nick Moore was declared the champion of the Orlando Chess Club’s first Super Quad. Moore finished the Super Quad with 2.5/3 points in a tie with NM Makaio Krienke. After an intense Armageddon finale vs. Krienke in the tiebreaker portion of the event, Moore took down the opposing NM and claimed the title of the Orlando Chess Club’s first Super Quad champion.

Going into the tournament Fide Master (FM) Dalton Perrine was the highest ranked player to enter the battlefield but had been off the tournament circuit for some time. It was an absence that was highlight by Perrine’s last-place finish. It is hard to say if this is a sign of things to come for the hurt FM, but it is likely that we will be seeing more of him as he struggles to regain his composure after a rough return.

Meanwhile, despite having the most active play of all the contestants, NM Theo Slade fell short of the finish line as ghosts of his past came back to haunt him. In the last round of the tournament, Slade once more blundered a rook, a repeat performance from previous tournament bout against NM Moore. While in check, Slade accidentally touched the piece, forcing him to sacrifice it or risk a checkmate. It was a surprising turn of events as Theo had been the only one of the four contestants to confidently declare, “I think I’m going to win it.”

In contrast, despite his second place finish, NM Makaio Krienke’s performance was particularly impressive. Before the tournament, the confident NM was quoted saying “I haven’t prepared.” Thus, it was an eyebrow rising result that brings into focus whether his natural talent was on a different level than the other contestants and if the outcome would have been different had he adequately prepared. Makaio’s tactical style certainly almost got him to the summit and caught the attention of the local chess community but whether it will let him take Orlando’s crown at the next Super Quad is a question only time can answer.

Super Quad Champion - NM Nick Moore!!

It’s no surprise NM Nick Moore won the event…He had the zombie wolf on his side the whole time…

It’s no surprise NM Nick Moore won the event…He had the zombie wolf on his side the whole time…

By: Terrance Washington

NM Nick Moore is the champion of the Super Quad! He finished the Super Quad with 2.5/3 points in a tie with NM Makaio Krienke. NM Moore was crowned champion after his Armageddon game win vs NM Makaio Krienke in the tiebreaker portion of the event.

Full report to come! In the meantime please check out the stream and the post tournament interviews!