End of the Year Super Quad Promises an Exciting Finish to the Year

On November 3rd, the Orlando Chess Club will host four of the area’s highest rated players in what promises to be a tournament for the books. This clash between local titans pledges to put ego and skill to the ultimate test. The Super Quad will feature FM Dalton Perrine, 2294; NM Nick Moore, 2219; NM Makaio Krienke, 2168; and NM Theo Slade, 2123. The tournament will be played with a time control of 60+30.

As the tournament date approaches check back for interviews with each of the players. Find out who they most look forward to playing, who they think is the biggest threat (or lack thereof) and which chess player has influenced their career the most.  The Super Quad is open to public spectators and will be live streamed over Facebook. Stayed tuned for more details.