Northrup, Durand, or Slade – Who will be club champion?


By Alex Gurtis

With just two games remaining in OCC’s Inaugural Club Championship a three-way race for the title has materialized. Sean Northrup (1833) and Phillip Durand (1923) both have one game left to play. If either man wins and the other loses the winner can claim the Championship. However, should both win, the club could see a dramatic tiebreaker ensue. However, should both the front runners lose NM Theo Slade (2123) would claim the title of the club’s first champion

The Club Championship standings pending the last two game are:

Rating Name Points

2123 NM Theo Slade - 5.5

1833 Sean Northrup - 5

1923 Phillip Durand - 5

1679 Sammy Wohl - 4

1650 Terrance Washington -3.5

1687 Pedro Marino - 1.5

Unrated Andrew Slade -1.5

Unrated Jason Brown -0

2219 NM Nick Moore -Withdrew

2228 NM Martin Hansen -Withdrew

As it stands Northrup (1833) is slated to play club president Terrance Washington (1650) while Durand (1923) is due to play Sammy Wohl (1679) within the next two weeks. With no likely outcome clear, the club can expect to see a dramatic finale in the battle to find the first Club Champion.

Comment below - who do you think will claim the title of Orlando Chess Club Champion?