Monday Mayhem - The Birth of a Club Champion


Monday Mayhem

The Birth of Club Champion

by Alex Gurtis

On Monday, the final duel of the inaugural Club Champion took place between Sammy Wohl and Phillip Durand. Durand knew he had to win to force a tiebreaker against Sean Northrup. So it was clear no quarter could be given. With an English Opening: Two Knights Variation quickly morphing into an Old Indian Defense, Ukraine:Two Knights Variation opening on the board, Wohl was finding himself rapidly outmaneuvered. However, Wohl refused to back down and continued to put a fierce defense. Ultimately, neither side could find the solution to their problems, each backing into an unenviable corner. Disappointed but unable to find a way out, Durand took the draw and the Orlando Chess Club (OCC) promptly crowned Sean Northrup, OCC's 1st Club Champion.