OCC Inaugural Weekly G75;d5 Tournament Concludes With Round 4 Last Night

Round 4, Board 1, Makaio Krienke (2187) (L) vs NM Martin Hansen (2212) (R)

Round 4, Board 1, Makaio Krienke (2187) (L) vs NM Martin Hansen (2212) (R)


by Terrance Washington

What an exciting end to the inaugural Weekly Tournament!  Round 4 was a round of quick victories! 

One of the very first games to end was our top matchup between two National Masters.  NM Martin Hansen (2212) vs. NM Makaio Krienke (2187) ended quickly after NM Makaio blundered a piece and then got his king into a precarious position.  In the words of NM Martin "these things happen" and that's certainly true, even to the best players!  NM Makaio is still dusting off the rust and we hope to see him out at future events!  Even being a bit rusty he still finished with a solid performance 2.5/4 and shared 3rd place winning $72.50!  Whereas, NM Martin finished with a perfect score 4/4 and sole 1st place winning $225!  We truly hope he surpasses 2300 at our club!

Martin has always showed great support to our currently growing club and we truly appreciate that!

In the game Charles Bell (1200) vs. Arnold Banner (1918), Arnold was able to keep his surge towards 2000 strong!  Arnold's been making fast improvement over the last year or so and he has been in great form!  Arnold was coming off two tournament victories in the previous few weeks.  He won the CFCC July Tornado with a perfect score and he won a Weekly Rapid tournament ahead of a National Master!  He followed it up with clear second place at this tournament with a score of 3.5/4.  His only draw being the NM Theo Slade!  Good job Arnold!  He won $120! 

Charles finished with 2/0 and won the under 1400 prize!  $50!

In the game Pedro Marino (1688) vs. Yousef Abdelsalam (unr.) we had a d4 opening and a battle between two local players.  Pedro is a player who has a passion for chess and he desires to play chess as much as he can!  Yousef is an up and coming player who upset Terrance Washington in the Extra Games section last week!  Impressive! In this game, Pedro was able to prove his rating true by defeating Yousef!  Pedro finished with 2/4 and Yousef finished with 1/4.

The game that had the most implications for tournament final standings other than the top matchup was the game between Freddy Hestholm (1200, FIDE) and Carlos Rivas (1781).  Whoever won would share 3rd place!  It was a very exciting game!  Despite the rating difference Freddy more than held his own!  He was definitely better at critical points in the game!  Some of the most exciting positions are when there is an obvious imbalance!  This game was no different!  Sure, Carlos had an extra piece...but Freddy had a lot of pawns!  Carlos remained calm and focused and was able to use a double attack on Freddy's pawns which should have led to an endgame with a Rook and Bishop vs. a Rook and extra pawns!  However, Freddy recaptured with his rook during a Queen exchange leaving his back rank exposed and we never got to see the exciting endgame between these two players!  The chess gods were against Freddy in this one!  Carlos finished with 2.5/4 and shared 3rd place with Makaio Krienke winning $72.50!

It was a pleasure hosting Freddy and his son Gustav (1598, FIDE) from Norway!  We hope to see them soon!

Unfortunately, Gustav's opponent did not show up for his matchup and Gustav won by forfeit.  Gustav and tournament director Terrance Washington played some blitz games for fun during the round!

NM Theo Slade (2087) had a requested bye and finished with 2/4!  We wish him luck as he continues playing in many tournaments around the country!  We appreciate your participation and thrilling games!

Final Standings

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