Round 2, Inaugural USCF G/75 Weekly Tournament

Round 2, board 1, Makaio Krienke (2176) (L) vs Gustav Hestholm (1589, FIDE) (R)

Round 2, board 1, Makaio Krienke (2176) (L) vs Gustav Hestholm (1589, FIDE) (R)

Friday Night Round 2 Recap

by Terrance Washington

Round 2 of the Weekly Tournament had drama and excitement!

In the top match of the evening we saw Arnold Banner (1918) vs NM Theo Slade (2087). These two local players have created somewhat of a rivalry. With Arnold's recent and quick ascent the two have enjoyed many entertaining games. This one was no different. Using a theme from a recent GM Lars Bo Hansen lecture, Arnold sacrificed the exchange for activity. 

He was rewarded with strong pawns and two monster bishops. Despite trying to break through, White was unable. While objectively Black is probably better at some points in the endgame due to the extra material, practically the game was so imbalanced that both sides had their chances. A nice tactic helped the game fizzle to a draw. A fine performance by both players and an inch closer to the 2000 rating for Arnold.

The most dramatic game of the evening saw Pedro Marino (1688) vs Carlos Rivas (1781) get into a time scramble. In a position where Pedro was likely better, the two local players found themselves in a King, Queen, and Knight position vs a King and Queen. Carlos was able to trade off the Queens with both players having seconds on their clocks and a draw was agreed. 

Unfortunately Karim Essofi's (1467) opponent did not show up and he won by forfeit. 

Martin Hansen (2212) handled business against Charles Bell (1200). Charles had an uphill battle from move one considering his extremely strong opponent. Charles simply let Martin get too many tempos on his Knight. From that point on, Martin swiftly converted the game when Charles blundered into mate in one. 

Makaio Krienke (2176) vs Gustav Hestholm (1589, FIDE) was a quick affair with Makaio returning to Orlando Chess in style with a crushing win!

Terrance Washington (1692) vs Freddy Hestholm (1270 FIDE) was the "house game" with Freddy earning a full point bye. Terrance was able to win with White as Freddy tried to surprise Terrance with the Albin Countergambit. Needless to say, Terrance was a bit shocked but quickly figured out the plans in the position and started pressuring Black's d4 pawn heavily. At a certain point Black sacrificed the exchange for activity, but it just didn't work out. White was able to convert his advantage after Black's last attempt to sacrifice a piece. 

It was a great round that set up exciting matchups for Round 3!
Here are next week's match ups:



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