Club Championship 2018

Who will persist?

By: Terrance Washington, President


Our Club Championship is all about Pride, Heart, and Consistency.  We are playing for prestige.

Who can show the best form between August 13, 2018 and December 10, 2018?  Will it be one of the 3 National Masters in the field: Martin, Hansen, Theo Slade, or Nick Moore? Will one of our class players, Sean Northrup, Terrance Washington, Pedro Marino, or Sammy Wohl, upset the field?  Or will it be one of the unrated players Andrew Slade or Jason Brown to be the dark horse and take it all?


(Games scheduled on Mondays by players themselves between Monday, August 13, 2018 and Monday, December 10, 2018)

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Official Rules

Entry fee is $5.  Below you will find the rules.

1. The Club Championship is a single round robin tournament.  This means that all players will play all other players in this tournament. 

2. All games must be played at the time control G/90+30 to be considered official games for Club Championship.

3. Colors will be predetermined in this all play all single round robin tournament.

4. Players are responsible for scheduling their own games.  The stipulations regarding scheduling are that the games must be played at the Orlando Chess Club and they must be played on Mondays during normal club hours.  

5. If a player is inactive for 1 full month and the TD is not alerted as to the reason why the player will be withdrawn from the tournament.

6. If a game is scheduled and 1 opponent doesn’t show up it will count as a forfeit loss for the player that does not show up and a forfeit win for the player that was present at the club.

7. If a game needs to be rescheduled a player must notify his opponent within 2 hours of game time.  If the notification comes with less than 2 hours until game time the opponent reserves the right to claim a forfeit win.

8. If a game is not played before completion of the tournament it will count as a double forfeit.  If TD is notified it is possible, but not guaranteed; that alternate arrangements can be made to play the game.  

9. In the event of a tie for the Club Championship, the winner will be decided via a playoff with the same time control.  

10. If a player plays less than half of their games and withdraws or is withdrawn the games will count for rating but not tournament standings.  If a player withdraws or is withdrawn after playing at least half of their games the remaining games that the player would have played will count as forfeit wins for the remaining opponents.

11. In the event that the TD also plays in the Club Championship any decisions affecting the TD’s games will be made by the assistant TD.

12. TD reserves the right to use judgment in the event of a situation that is not covered by the rules.  The player reserves the right to appeal the decision.  The final decision will be made by majority vote of all players in the Club Championship.