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OCC Inaugural Weekly G75;d5 Tournament Concludes With Round 4 Last Night

Round 4, Board 1, Makaio Krienke (2187) (L) vs NM Martin Hansen (2212) (R)

Round 4, Board 1, Makaio Krienke (2187) (L) vs NM Martin Hansen (2212) (R)


by Terrance Washington

What an exciting end to the inaugural Weekly Tournament!  Round 4 was a round of quick victories! 

One of the very first games to end was our top matchup between two National Masters.  NM Martin Hansen (2212) vs. NM Makaio Krienke (2187) ended quickly after NM Makaio blundered a piece and then got his king into a precarious position.  In the words of NM Martin "these things happen" and that's certainly true, even to the best players!  NM Makaio is still dusting off the rust and we hope to see him out at future events!  Even being a bit rusty he still finished with a solid performance 2.5/4 and shared 3rd place winning $72.50!  Whereas, NM Martin finished with a perfect score 4/4 and sole 1st place winning $225!  We truly hope he surpasses 2300 at our club!

Martin has always showed great support to our currently growing club and we truly appreciate that!

In the game Charles Bell (1200) vs. Arnold Banner (1918), Arnold was able to keep his surge towards 2000 strong!  Arnold's been making fast improvement over the last year or so and he has been in great form!  Arnold was coming off two tournament victories in the previous few weeks.  He won the CFCC July Tornado with a perfect score and he won a Weekly Rapid tournament ahead of a National Master!  He followed it up with clear second place at this tournament with a score of 3.5/4.  His only draw being the NM Theo Slade!  Good job Arnold!  He won $120! 

Charles finished with 2/0 and won the under 1400 prize!  $50!

In the game Pedro Marino (1688) vs. Yousef Abdelsalam (unr.) we had a d4 opening and a battle between two local players.  Pedro is a player who has a passion for chess and he desires to play chess as much as he can!  Yousef is an up and coming player who upset Terrance Washington in the Extra Games section last week!  Impressive! In this game, Pedro was able to prove his rating true by defeating Yousef!  Pedro finished with 2/4 and Yousef finished with 1/4.

The game that had the most implications for tournament final standings other than the top matchup was the game between Freddy Hestholm (1200, FIDE) and Carlos Rivas (1781).  Whoever won would share 3rd place!  It was a very exciting game!  Despite the rating difference Freddy more than held his own!  He was definitely better at critical points in the game!  Some of the most exciting positions are when there is an obvious imbalance!  This game was no different!  Sure, Carlos had an extra piece...but Freddy had a lot of pawns!  Carlos remained calm and focused and was able to use a double attack on Freddy's pawns which should have led to an endgame with a Rook and Bishop vs. a Rook and extra pawns!  However, Freddy recaptured with his rook during a Queen exchange leaving his back rank exposed and we never got to see the exciting endgame between these two players!  The chess gods were against Freddy in this one!  Carlos finished with 2.5/4 and shared 3rd place with Makaio Krienke winning $72.50!

It was a pleasure hosting Freddy and his son Gustav (1598, FIDE) from Norway!  We hope to see them soon!

Unfortunately, Gustav's opponent did not show up for his matchup and Gustav won by forfeit.  Gustav and tournament director Terrance Washington played some blitz games for fun during the round!

NM Theo Slade (2087) had a requested bye and finished with 2/4!  We wish him luck as he continues playing in many tournaments around the country!  We appreciate your participation and thrilling games!

Final Standings

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by Terrance Washington

Freddy Hestholm (1200, FIDE). Visiting Orlando from Norway!

Freddy Hestholm (1200, FIDE). Visiting Orlando from Norway!

Round 3 of the Weekly Tournament had some rich games!  In the top matchup of the day, we had NM Theo Slade (2087) vs. NM Martin Hansen (2212).  This game was so rich that the players had a post-mortem that lasted about 30 minutes!  

In the game the players reached a Caro-Slav pawn structure where White has a lot of space, however, Black had good pressure on the d4 pawn.  Eventually, the d4 pawn fell.  The game transitioned to a double rook endgame but then quickly a pair of rooks were exchanged.  Martin entered the endgame up a healthy pawn, but not without weaknesses of his own as well.  Martin showed great technique, however, in converting the endgame into a win by successfully queening his pawn.

NM Theo Slade (2087, left) vs NM Martin Hansen (2212)

NM Theo Slade (2087, left) vs NM Martin Hansen (2212)

In the game Makaio Krienke (2187) vs. Freddy Hestholm (1200, FIDE), we saw a big difference in rating.  This game featured something that you rarely see in chess or any other competition: the master was showing his opponent how to play a particular opening before their game started! Typically, you don't see this type of sportsmanship until the game is over, but it was great to witness. The game ended in favor of Makaio as he was up a piece relatively quickly in the game and converted the endgame with technique.

NM Makaio Krienke (2187, right) vs. Freddy Hestholm (1200, FIDE)

NM Makaio Krienke (2187, right) vs. Freddy Hestholm (1200, FIDE)

In the remaining games, we saw Arnold Banner (1918) defeating Pedro Marino (1688), Charles Bell (1200) winning by forfeit, and Carlos Rivas (1781) defeating Gustav Hestholm (1589, FIDE).



Round 4 should be an exciting affair with Martin having the best chance to win it all!

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Round 2, Inaugural USCF G/75 Weekly Tournament

Round 2, board 1, Makaio Krienke (2176) (L) vs Gustav Hestholm (1589, FIDE) (R)

Round 2, board 1, Makaio Krienke (2176) (L) vs Gustav Hestholm (1589, FIDE) (R)

Friday Night Round 2 Recap

by Terrance Washington

Round 2 of the Weekly Tournament had drama and excitement!

In the top match of the evening we saw Arnold Banner (1918) vs NM Theo Slade (2087). These two local players have created somewhat of a rivalry. With Arnold's recent and quick ascent the two have enjoyed many entertaining games. This one was no different. Using a theme from a recent GM Lars Bo Hansen lecture, Arnold sacrificed the exchange for activity. 

He was rewarded with strong pawns and two monster bishops. Despite trying to break through, White was unable. While objectively Black is probably better at some points in the endgame due to the extra material, practically the game was so imbalanced that both sides had their chances. A nice tactic helped the game fizzle to a draw. A fine performance by both players and an inch closer to the 2000 rating for Arnold.

The most dramatic game of the evening saw Pedro Marino (1688) vs Carlos Rivas (1781) get into a time scramble. In a position where Pedro was likely better, the two local players found themselves in a King, Queen, and Knight position vs a King and Queen. Carlos was able to trade off the Queens with both players having seconds on their clocks and a draw was agreed. 

Unfortunately Karim Essofi's (1467) opponent did not show up and he won by forfeit. 

Martin Hansen (2212) handled business against Charles Bell (1200). Charles had an uphill battle from move one considering his extremely strong opponent. Charles simply let Martin get too many tempos on his Knight. From that point on, Martin swiftly converted the game when Charles blundered into mate in one. 

Makaio Krienke (2176) vs Gustav Hestholm (1589, FIDE) was a quick affair with Makaio returning to Orlando Chess in style with a crushing win!

Terrance Washington (1692) vs Freddy Hestholm (1270 FIDE) was the "house game" with Freddy earning a full point bye. Terrance was able to win with White as Freddy tried to surprise Terrance with the Albin Countergambit. Needless to say, Terrance was a bit shocked but quickly figured out the plans in the position and started pressuring Black's d4 pawn heavily. At a certain point Black sacrificed the exchange for activity, but it just didn't work out. White was able to convert his advantage after Black's last attempt to sacrifice a piece. 

It was a great round that set up exciting matchups for Round 3!
Here are next week's match ups:



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Orlando Chess Club launches its weekly G75;d5 Rated tournament!

Round 1, inaugural Orlando Chess Club 4-week G75;d5 tournament with Martin Hansen (L) (2212) vs Carlos Rivas (R) (1721)

Round 1, inaugural Orlando Chess Club 4-week G75;d5 tournament with Martin Hansen (L) (2212) vs Carlos Rivas (R) (1721)

Orlando Chess Club & Development Center:
Building a Weekly Chess Club!

Orlando Chess Club president Terrance Washington addressing players prior to starting the first round of their weekly Friday night G75;d5 rated tournament event.

Orlando Chess Club president Terrance Washington addressing players prior to starting the first round of their weekly Friday night G75;d5 rated tournament event.

Friday Night Round 1 Recap

by Terrance Washington

Round 1 of the G/75 Weekly Tournament!

Carlos Rivas (1781) vs. NM Martin Hansen (2212)   Result: 0-1

This game was exciting! It involved an imbalance in material and two very vulnerable kings! Carlos had a king on e1/d1 for much of the game and Martin’s king was devoid of cover! In exchange for a rook, Martin had two minor pieces, but Carlos had a lot of pawns! Albeit, in the end, the National Master showed his technique by preventing White from coordinating his rooks and won the game with a crushing attack!

NM Theo Slade (2087) vs. Karim Essofi (1467)  Result: 1-0

This game featured a large gap in rating!  A 620 point difference! But Karim is a warrior and he hung tough for as long as he could. In the rook endgame, black was definitely worse, and eventually succumbed to the pressure. Still a valiant effort by Karim!

Yousef Abdelsalam (unrated) vs. Arnold Banner (1857)  Result: 0-1

“I was worse for most of the game…I was hoping I would lose the game to teach me a lesson.” These were the very honest words of Arnold. He admitted to not taking the game as seriously as he should have. We’ve all been there! But when his opponent missed a tactic Arnold swiftly came back to form.

Charles Bell (1200) vs. Terrance Washington (1692)  Result: 0-1

Since we had an odd number of players, the President and Tournament Director was forced to play as the “House Player”! This game will count for rating but not for the tournament standings. Charles received a full point bye for being the odd man out!

The game was a Sicilian variation where White brought his Queen out very early in the game.  Once Black was castled he enjoyed a nice initiative of attacking White’s pieces. White got some good initiative, however, when Black overestimated how safe his King would be when castling. However, after hanging a bishop, with his King in the center of the board, White found himself in an indefensible position and was forced to resign.

Note From The TD: 

Missed the first round? Players can join the weekly G75;d5 USCF rated weekly tournament 30 minutes before designated round times. Please see our TLA for complete details.

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