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Thursday Night Casual Chess: NM John Ludwig Provided a Forcing Moves Presentation!

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NM John Ludwig Presentation: Forcing Moves

NM John Ludwig stopped by the club! What's especially exciting about it is that John is a local hero in Orlando chess. We've all seen him grow up in chess being at almost every tournament. And he surpassed us all! Now, we look up to him!

He graciously donated his time to teach us about forcing moves and about playing agressively. The highlight of the night was how after the lecture the conversation turned into an excited talk about chess and chess history. Needless to say John loves Kasparov and has a bit of disdain for Carlsen! Who knew?!?

The night ended with many games of Bughouse chess, which for those who've never played the team oriented variant we need to fix that now! Come check it out next week!

Thursday Nights starting at 6pm

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NM John Ludwig (2450) (L) in a casual game with Rafael Rasado (1282) (R)

NM John Ludwig (2450) (L) in a casual game with Rafael Rasado (1282) (R)